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Whats the use of flameout protection device for gas stove


What's the use of flameout protection device for gas stove

The function of extinguishing protection device of gas stove: extinguishing protection is that when the flame is accidentally extinguished by wind, soup and other reasons, the extinguishing protection device will automatically shut down the gas source, so that gas leakage will not be caused by gas stove.

The principle of extinguishing protection device is that when the flame is unexpectedly extinguished, the induction probe on the extinguishing protection gas stove can't sense the combustion signal, that is, the temperature. If the controller can't get the signal, it will automatically cut off the maintenance current to the safety valve, leading to the closure of the safety valve, thus cutting off the gas passage.

Many citizens reflect that they dare not let go after putting out the fire to protect the gas stove, otherwise the flame will be extinguished immediately. This is because the quenching probe does not sufficiently sense the flame temperature, the ventilation solenoid valve can not be opened smoothly, and the gas can not pass through, so the flame will be extinguished. The correct method is to press the knob continuously after ignition for 5-8 seconds to release the hand, so that the probe temperature meets the requirements, and the magnetic valve opens and burns normally.

Standard for checking gas stove of extinguishing protection device: ignite the stove, burn for 1 minute, adjust the flame to the minimum fire, blow out the flame artificially, you will hear the gas "nourishing" exhaust sound, and then start timing, within 60 seconds, the knob emits a "voice" sound, indicating that the extinguishing protection device has started, and then use leak detector to detect the stove head. If there is no leakage, it proves that the extinguishing safety device is effective.




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